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Survivors Screening Fee


Survivors Screening Fee

$ 500.00

This provides an option to pay your previously agreed upon license fee online.

This  includes:

  • One DCP of Survivors (84 mins)

If you’d like to book an inter-active screening that includes an appearance by one of our filmmakers, either in person or via Skype, please write to us at or complete our online booking form.


Through the eyes of Sierra Leonean filmmaker Arthur Pratt, Survivors presents a heart-connected portrait of his country during the Ebola outbreak, exposing the complexity of the epidemic and the socio-political turmoil that lies in its wake.  Survivors chronicles the remarkable stories of Sierra Leoneans during what is now widely regarded as the most acute public health crisis of the modern era. Our guide in the film is Arthur Pratt, a Sierra Leonean filmmaker and pastor.  Drawing from deeply personal stories of three Sierra Leoneans at the epicenter of the epidemic, the film boldly shares the individual bravery, bureaucratic missteps, and deep humanity of the people caught in an unfolding crisis. Director Arthur Pratt’s unique access, narrative voice, and observational documentary coverage of the outbreak becomes a prism for understanding both the social and the political significance of the health catastrophe.  



“With unflinching intimacy, Survivors places us in the midst of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. Chronicling the unfolding bravery, bureaucratic blunder, and deep humanity of an African community under siege, these Sierra Leonean filmmakers see their world with the clarity and empathy possessed only by extraordinary storytellers. It is a remarkable film.”

Robb Moss,  Filmmaker, and Chair, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University

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